Home Storage

Moveclues is a renowned packers and movers web application. We settle you and your belongings safely at the desired destination.

What, if you are leaving the place you are currently living at and want to shift to a new place in the same nation or foreign as well!! Now you want all your household material, say the kitchen material, all the furniture and whatever it is, to be at a safe place when you are not here to look after your house and all your lovable and memorable items. So dears, Moveclues is here to help you out. It may be a very stressing question for you that who would take care of all the goods you are leaving here, after you are gone?? You can get puzzled in managing this situation. But Moveclues provides HOME FOR YOUR HOME. Once you hand over your home to us, we feel the full responsibility as ours.

We never let you feel down regarding the security and safety of all your household goods. We provide a new home, wherein all your belongings get shifted carefully. We use best techniques in order to provide you the best services. Electronic packing is applied to the sensitive and glass material specially to prevent them from breaking or any other kind of damage.

A house is a dream of a person. There may be several reasons to leave it and to relocate, but your souls and hearts remain there only. Number of questions puzzle and stress you, who will take care of them, any unfortunate mishappening may not damage your lovable things or any pests may not destroy them. But Moveclues makes you free from all the anxieties as we do timely visits at the place we store your house’s material to ensure the security and save it from any kind of failure. There is a regular inspection of that place and proper recordings are done, files are maintained so as to make you trust on our services. Pest control is done to protect your things from getting damaged.

So friends! Take Moveclues STORAGE PLAN and peacefully move to the new home, leaving behind your old one along with all the overheads on us. Love for your belongings never dies, and Moveclues do take care of it.