Refund on Cancellation

Cancellation before Moving Date

  • If Customer cancels at least before 5 days of moving date, the token will be entirely refunded (depending upon the date of cancellation w.r.t. Booking date - refer to Additional Cancellation Charges section).
  • Any other charges, if collected from the customer, shall be refunded to the customer in case the cancellation is done before the moving date.
  • If Customer doesn’t inform us the cancellation before 5 days then no money will be refunded to the customer.

Cancellation on Moving Date

  • If customer cancels the moving on the decided moving date then actual expense incurred while arranging the moving will be borne by the customer.
  • If Customer cancels the booking after picking the goods from the customer then all the Packing, Logistic, Warehousing and applicable tax has bear by the customer.

Additional Cancellation charges

  • If cancellation is made 2 days after the date on which the booking is made, cancellation charges of 100% of the Token Amount paid would be applicable. [To illustrate if the booking is made on 01 April 2017 and canceled on 04 April 2017, cancellation charges would be applicable]
  • Token amount would be 5% of the total moving cost price rounded off to the next 100 (hundreds) at the time of booking ("Token Amount") [To illustrate the calculation of Token Amount: If the entire amount to be paid is INR 9,000, then 5% of INR 9,000 will be INR 450, which will be rounded off to the next 100 i.e. INR 500 will be the Token Amount]

Refund on move-out

  • Cancellations are allowed only up to 3 days of move in and anything after that would be considered a move out.
  • In Full Load moving – If Customer cancels the booking after Loading of Goods then it is to be considered as Delivery marked, No Refund will be Provided and All remaining Direct& Indirect expenses will be borne by customer.
  • If the customer takes the Warehousing for say 10 days and asks to leave the goods on 5 days then no refund will be given for remaining 5 days.
  • If marks the delivery time for say 5th Jan 18 and doesn’t available at the location for taking delivery then waiting charges or Re – Delivery charges will be applicable.

Insurance & Damage Charges

  • Once the third party insurance taken will not be cancelled and refund will be given.
  • If customer doesn’t opt for the transit insurance then transition will be done on cosigner risk.
  • If any thing gets break in between the transition then customer has to raise the call with insurance company. Damage Certificate will be provided.

Refund Mode

  • All refund shall be processed via cheque or online transfer.

Refund Timeline

  • If the booking is made through cash, it shall take up to 7 bank working days to process the refund after obtaining the bank account details from the customer.
  • If the booking is made online, it shall take up to 7 bank working days to process the refund. Actual receipt of the money is subject to payment gateway refund processing time line.